Peter Eubanks

Department of Foreign Languages, Literatures and Cultures.
James Madison University (USA).

Peter Eubanks (Ph.D. Princeton) is Assistant Professor of French at James Madison University. A specialist of French Renaissance literature with a secondary interest in Franco-American cultural misunderstandings, his last three publications include “Mixité and Maturity in Edith Wharton’s French Ways and Their Meaning” (Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, 17(2) [2013], 212-219), “Gesta Dei per Franca: Christine de Pizan and the Divine Commission of Joan of Arc” (Literature and Belief, 33(1), [2013], p. 41-54) and “Jean Lemaire de Belges’s Rhetorical Masks in the Amant Vert and the ‘Regretz de la Dame Infortunée’” (Romance Quarterly, 59(3) [2012], p. 166-76).

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