Anna Kobylski

James Madison University (USA).

Anna Kobylski will be a 2014 graduate of James Madison University with a Bachelor of Arts in French and a Bachelor of Music in Cello Performance. She is currently representing James Madison University as an exchange student in France at the University of Versailles St-Quenin-En-Yvelines. In October 2013, Ms. Kobylski presented a paper entitled “La Laïcité: Cultural Misunderstandings Between French and American Secularisms” at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference of Undergraduate Scholarship Conference at Sweet Briar College. In March 2013, Ms. Kobylski presented a paper entitled “French Imperialist Culture in ‘Inch’allah Sunday’ and its Implications for Muslim Women in France Today” at a special session on “The Cinematic Emancipation of the Muslim Immigrant Woman in France: Yamina Benguigui’s 2001 film, ‘Inch’Allah Sunday,” at the James Madison University Foreign Languages, Literatures, and Cultures Conference. In May 2014, her Senior Honors Thesis entitled “Music as a Force for Social Change: El Sistema in the USA” will be published through the James Madison University Honors Program.

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