Thomas L. King

School of Theatre and Dance.
James Madison University (USA).

Thomas L. King is Emeritus Professor of Theatre at James Madison University in the United States. He holds a PhD in theatre from Indiana University. He taught theatre at Sweet Briar College for five years and at James Madison University for thirty years. He was Senior Fulbright Lecturer at Hacettepe University in Ankara, Turkey for the academic year 1996-97. He is interested in choruses that dance in Greek drama and has directed his translations of the Bacchae and the Medea with dancing choruses. Since he retired from teaching he continues to direct and design in community theatre and is pursuing research in how theatre and performance assert and define identity. His paper “Between Piety and Sacrilege: Muslim Theatre and Performance” will be published in Theatre Symposium, 2013, ed. Edward Bert Wallace. He has also published “Talk and Dramatic Action in American Buffalo,” Modern Drama, December, 1991 and “Irony and Distance in The Glass Menagerie,” Twentieth Century Interpretations of The Glass Menagerie, ed. R. B. Parker, Yale, 1983 which was first published as “Irony and Distance in The Glass Menagerie,” Educational Theatre Journal, spring 1973.

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